Willow Balm BottleWillow Balm is "Nature's Aspirin" - just massage it into your joints and muscles as needed, up to four times daily to experience temporary relief from the discomfort associated with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, overuse injuries, migraines - you know, the typical challenges we encounter in our everyday lives..

Presented in a luxurious cream base, Willow Balm contains THE original painkiller: White Willow Bark. Chinese and Greek civilizations used white willow bark for medicinal purposes and pain relief more than 2,000 years ago. We took this ancient remedy and combined it with helichrysum, an essential oil that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. With the synergistic blend of these two natural analgesics, Willow Balm launched a new and unique technology in topical pain relief at a very affordable price.

Willow Balm's Thermal Progression Effect

Not cold therapy; not heat therapy; No numbing agents. Our patented formulation eases discomfort by first gently warming the affected area, then gradually transitioning to providing cool comfort for superior pain relief. Willow Balm penetrates deeply and has a light, pleasant scent which disappears quickly. You'll get a long-lasting, natural pain relief that will let you get back to what is important.

White Willow Bark was eventually isolated as the source of today’s aspirin. Never heard of helichrysum? It’s a pure essential oil derived from a specific sunflower in Madagascar. Helichrysum promotes pain relief, helps bruising, and attacks inflammation.These two botanicals work together to help alleviate your pain. Bonus use: Willow Balm temporarily relieves itching associated with bug bites and rashes. Try Willow Balm Nature's Aspirin today!